1st-12th OF MAY 2014


In the name of Allah, The Most Most Merciful. This is really a great journey for us ( International Class of Chemistry Education Gracious, 2011) that is able to get a chance to go abroad. The most important thing is that we have to get the advantages, knowledge, and be a beneficial peopleThis is our story. Let us remember!

Our arriving-May 1st 2014

This was a good flight although there was a matter in airplane cause of the rather bad weather. We arrived in LCCT, Selangor at 9 p.m. Some college students of Putra Malaysia University picked us up and accompanied up. There are some differences in language among us, but we can still use English in communication. We lived in Guest House-International.

Lovable day-May 2nd 2014

The second day in Malaysia is Friday. We went to EMKAY Gallery. This is a gallery of a good businessman in Malaysia. This place thought us about education, socialism, religion, business, hard work, and happiness that can be reached by a very good knowledge. After that, some boys of our class went to UPM Mosque for praying Jumat.

At 2 p.m. we did a laboratory trip. We saw some sophisticated instruments, like FTIR, NMR, AAS, spectrophotometer UV-VIS, we also saw the liquid phase of Nitrogen with the gas. Then we used ringgit machine for getting beverages. We thought Malaysia is really a hot area, yes, hotter than Indonesia. So we really needed umbrella, beverage, fan, or air conditioner everyday.

The third day-May 3rd 2014

An amazing cycling was done by us. We went to BUKIT EXPO, a place for game and sports. We went there for 30-60 minutes. We did some outbound games there. Some checkpoints were available and we had to solve some problems there. From these games, we got some moral value in friendship, cooperation, hard work, and creativity.

In the evening, we got a lecturing about SIMBIOSIS ALAM DAN MANUSIA-SIMFONI ALAM by a Professor Madya from Pantai Timur, Malaysia. He said about what we must do as a scientist, when there is the problems in this nature, that there is not the character building again in scientists’ hearts.

Wonderful Kuala Lumpur- the fourth day in Malaysia was spent in Kuala Lumpur. First, we went by UPM’s bus to BTS. Then, we took the train for Bandaraya. Next, we arrived at SOGO and India’s markets. We bought some chocolates for Indonesians. Then we took train again from Masjid Jamek to Pasar Seni. We had lunch there. Then we had Sungai Wang as the place in shopping. After that, we went to Kuala Lumpur Convention Center to see Petronas Tower (the twin tower that is really well-known in Malaysia). We saw the twin tower in the evening. Really beautiful view. We hoped we can be there again.

Because I am happy-lecturing-opening ceremony-library!!-May 5th 2014Picture1

At 8 a.m. we got the lecturing about solid state by Mr. Tan Karban, a Chinese Doctor as the lecturer in UPM. The classroom is very nice. We joined in the 6th semester class. We have had the lecturing about that in 3rd semester in State University of Yogyakarta. Then there was the opening ceremony by the dean of Science Faculty, Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin bin Thalib. He explained that UPM is the university that is build first as a farming university. The faculty of science consists of Mathematics, Biology, Physics. And Chemistry. UPM has been 41 years of excellence. At 12 p.m we got lunch. Then we went to the library. The library’s name is Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad. We could check in on We watched the video of the library well. We went around there. The facilities are good enough with a comfortable place around it. There are more than 700.000 collections here. There are two parts of library, A is for the undergraduate, the second one, B is for the graduates and there were so many foreign students there. After that, we went to LADANG UPM to see the cows, the process of milking in cows, we also saw the horses that are kept well there. Some of them are private owning. We also feed some oxen. Then the day rained beautifully.

Museum?- 6th of May 2014

We got the lecturing about kinetic chemistry from a Bangladesh named Dr. Mohammad Syaiful Islam . He explained about the adsorption. We have some important words here: pores, BET equation, Langmuir equation, adsorption, absorption, adsorbent, adsorbate, isotherm, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, surface, and some types of pores. Then at 10 a.m. we got polymer. Actually, we entered to industrial chemistry class with a beautiful Malay lecturer. At 12 a.m. we went to kolej (guest house) to take a rest with some Malaysians. We chat about artists, region, language, journey, and vocation in Indonesia and Malaysia. We got a brain storming. At 2 p.m. we went to Muzeum Warisan Melayu , there were the stories about Malaysia. This museum is owned by UPM too. We too some pictures in front of the typical house from Perak and Negeri Sembilan. The we spent out time in the rector office. Then we went to Fakulti Pengajian Pendidikan, we met Mr. Ramli bin Basri . he explained about the education in Malaysia. There is the difference between Indonesia and Malaysia on education program that in Malaysia there is matriculation. This program is held after senior high school, as pre-university program. At 8 p.m. we watched a movie that was acted by the students of UPM. This was the annual event that was held by them.

7th of May 2014- museum, again?

At 10 a.m. we took a lecturing of laboratory work, we are proud of Indonesians that had been done that labwork in Indonesia, it is about distillation. We will synthesis aldol benzene. Then at 2 p.m. we went to Medicine Faculty. The name is Fakulti Perubatan dan sains Kesihatan UPM- there is museum of health. There are some organs of human and we were free to ask everything. At 4 p.m. we went to fakulti perubatan vetariner (animal science), there were the museum of animal there. At 8 p.m. we studied about astronomy with a lecturer named Mr. Zaidan. We could not see the stars using telescope because the weather is not good. We only know from software stellarium. We could see the prediction of stars points.

8th of May 2014-study hard!

Vocation Intervention Program is held by FASSA (persatuan pelajar Fakulti Saintis. We got the brain storming with FASSA and kelab (himpunan mahasiswa). There were a lecturing from Dr. Mohammad Rezal Kamil Arifin Zwedan from Mathematics Department , the matter is about Saintis Permata Dunia. He explained about the scientist that must be a great man. Then there were also the matter about attitude from Professor Mohammad Ismail from Biology Department. At 2 p.m. we got the lecturing from Professor Kristian Handoyo Sugiyarto about the misconception of quantum number of senior high school in Yogyakarta. At 4 p.m. we went to bioscience laboratory , we saw it as the research place and we saw the sophisticated biochemistry instruments. At 8 p.m. we do some choirs for culture night, we would sing Indonesia Raya. Hymne UNY, and Mars UNY, and a dance named Golek Dance that would be presented by Manda, Nurul, Metry, and Yaya.

8th of May 2014-Putrajaya!

At 8 a.m. we went to Agency Nuclear of Malaysia. We saw the process of food sterilization using nuclear radiation and electricity.

Then at 12 we saw Putrajaya International Convention Center, the place that is usually used for international conference in Malaysia. From this place we could see Putrajaya City well the town was really nice. The view was so amazing.

After that we went to Masjid Besi, or the real name is TuankuMizan Zainal Abidin Mosque for praying Jumat or Zuhur. Next we went to Alamanda Mall , we saw Siti Nurhaliza, there. At 6 p.m we went to Pasar Sore and Putrajaya Mosque. Next at 9 p.m. we took the pictures near the Putrajaya bridge.

10th of May 2014- science on the road, I love you!

At 10 a.m we went to beryl’s, a chocolate factory and shop. Next, at 12 we went to physics laboratory to do some experiments about physics that is related to chemistry. We talked about hydrogen bond, solid-liquid, and kinetic energy. At 13 we went to chemistry laboratory, we did some experiments about the carbonated beverages with menthol candy that could give explosion, the reaction to get AlCl3 , and a magic life of chemistry. Then we went to biology site, we watched a movie about biology. Then we went to biology museum in UPM, the garden, and we saw some animals that had been using ethanol. At 5 p.m. we did choir again. At 7 p.m there was the closing ceremony – the cultural dance-named Golek dance was showed by UNY’s college students. This occasion was started with a speech from Ms. Solekha, a FASSA, then there was a speech from Azhar, as the representative student from Indonesia, next, there was Malaysian dance by some men, next, there was Golek dance. Before that, there were Negaraku song, Putra Gemilang song, Indonesia Raya, Mars UNY, and Hymne UNY. Then, we had dinner , took the pictures, some selfie, and gave the gift each other.

11th of May-    Welcome to Malacca! Museum, again????

Actually we saw Famoza City, the main building there, then we saw the histories of Islam in Malacca. Then we saw Taming Sari Tower. Taming Sari was the weapon of Hang Tuah (a Malaysian warrior). Then we entered Medan Samudera, a market like Beringharjo in Jogjakarta. Then we went to Selat Malaka Mosque. It was located really near with Selat Malaka. Then we saw Museum Kapal, Kincir Air, Dataran Pahlawan, Muzium Maritim. And finally, we closed the day with Jonker Walk. A night market with Chinese sellers. Then we packed the luggages.

12th of May 2014- go home? really?

We went to the new airport in Malaysia, so we did not use LCCT again, but we used Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 in Kuala Lumpur. At 1 p.m. we check in. at 3 p.m. the airplane took us off. Although there were some problems in luggages, but we were very happy. We hope we can see the real life here. We can get the knowledge, the cooperation, the advantages, the beautiful journey, and the meeting again with them, University Putra Malaysia.

Picture2                                                                             Berkayuh basikal dengan anak- anak UPM di bukit expo


Picture3                                                                         INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY EDUCATION


by: Ana